Children, Teens, & Adults

We provide individual psychotherapy across the developmental lifespan.

Children – There are no age restrictions when it comes to experiencing anxiety. It is not uncommon for even very small children to experience troublesome worries and anxieties. Parents who believe their child is experiencing unusual anxiety should seek professional advice sooner rather than later. At MCBT we work collaboratively with the parents, child, and (when necessary) school in order to come to the best solution for your child.

Teens – Adolescence is a very formative time. School, peers, dating, parents, work, extracurricular activities, tests, schoolwork, college applications – the list goes on. If you or your child have noticed an increased interference of anxiety due to any reason, MCBT may be the right fit for you. We have experience and success in assisting teens as they navigate and manage the inevitably anxious times in their life.

Adults – As adults, it is sometimes difficult to admit when our anxiety interferes with our everyday life. This is true for most of us; however, many adults do not seek professional help. Untreated, anxiety can worsen and may become severely limiting. At MCBT we work with you to provide the necessary tools tailored to your individual needs so that you are best able to reach your goals.